PUBG Mobile Ranking System: FULL GUIDE

I have been playing PUBG Mobile for almost four months now, and it took me a while to understand the PUBG Mobile Ranking System. Bluehole Video game developer took the ranking concept from the sibling PUBG PC version. Only a handful amount of people understand the ranking system, while others are scratching their heads.

Even though it took me a few months to understand the ELO/MMR PUBG Mobile Ranking System, but I will break it down into simple parts. I will cut the advanced part, and try to explain it in simple words so that the masses can comprehend it in a few sentences.

PUBG Mobile Ranking System Guide: The Ranks!

You must have seen professional players on YouTube bragging about the ranks, and we will get to it as well. First, we have to understand the levels, and I will list them down, so you can see yourself on the list.

  1. Bronze = Beginner.
  2. Silver Gold = Getting started.
  3. Platinum = Yes, he can shoot the players.
  4. Diamond = Average player.
  5. Crown = Good player.
  6. Ace = Excellent Player.
  7. Conquerer  = PRO Player.

Now, there is a thing called ranks.

  1. Rank One (Bronze I)
  2. Rank Two (Bronze II)
  3. Rank Three (Bronze III)
  4. Rank Four (Bronze IV)
  5. Rank Five (Bronze V)

Everything in PUBG Mobile Ranking System begins with the Bronze, which is the beginners level. You have to start from Bronze V. Let’s assume that you are playing decent for a month, then the rank moves from Bronze V to Bronze IV.

Yes, the PUBG Mobile Ranking System starts from the bottom, and no one can stop your ranking until or unless you are doing well against the opponents in the game. I will explain how you can earn a good rank in PUBG Mobile today.

Bronze = Beginners/New players.
Conquerors = Pro players.

Only 500 players in the world can earn Conqueror Rank.

PUBG Mobile Ranking System Guide: Solo, Duo, Squad Ranks

I am going to list down the ranking system of PUBG Mobile Ranking System in Solo, Squad, and Duo. During my earlier days in the PUBG Mobile, I could not understand the three different rankings in my profile, so I explored in forums for more information.

  1. Solo (single player)
  2. Duo (two-players)
  3. Squad (4 players VS 4 players)

Take a quick at the profile, and you will find three different rankings.

The ranking system separates single player to squad player games, and you can find the rank in it as well. Most of the players prefer to play in a squad, and it is one of the major reasons, why the scores are very less.

The above PUBG Mobile Ranking System applies to Solo, Duo, and Squad as well.

What is PUBG Mobile ELO/MMR System?

The Bluehole company has a dedicated team for improving the game, and it is a formula that decides the ratings, ranks, and an overall rank of the game.

By understanding the ELO/MMR algorithm, you can leave the game with higher points without any issues.

ELO/MMR Algorithm: Survival Rating + 20% of Kill Rating = Overall Rating!

You have 100 players landing on the island, and you have to get at least 20% kills along with survival ratings for good points.

If you fail to get decent points, then you will earn negative points, and it leads to lower ranks.

How Do You Increase Your PUBG-M Rank?

You have to earn points in every game that you enter and leave the game with decent numbers on the board. We know that it’s not possible to pull off a great number in every single game.

You can go for random players all the time, but there is no guarantee that you can survive till the end.

Create a good team that has decent shooting skills that co-operate with everyone on the team.

Do not land in competitive regions like Pochinki, Georgia Pool, Boot camp, Paradise, and other regions in the game. Almost everyone is targeting good merit in these locations, and you can end up tasting the dust with negative points.

  1. Get at least five kills in every game.
  2. Survive in top 10 or Rank #10 in the game to get survival points. Once you reach in top 10, then you won’t get negative points, and the rank will improve significantly.
  3. Do not camp all the time because your skills will never improve.
  4. Co-operate with your friends such as reviving them, and yes, you will get rewarded for reviving a teammate.
  5. Never-ever try to kill a teammate using a grenade because PUBG-M algorithm records it, and you will get negative merits.
  6. Chicken Dinner or Rank #1 gets you higher points.

Overall, the ratings depend on the team co-operation as well, and it is the easiest way to get higher points. Good team members get good rewards from the PUBG-M, so do not go on your own, and try to get all the glory.

How Do You Increase PUBG-M RP?

I have seen a lot of players that have 100 RP, while we are on the plane ready to get land on the island. Many people are not aware of RP and its importance

In my opinion, RP does not have much significance compared to PUBG Mobile Ranking System. I am playing for four months every single day, and I have reached 30 RP.

A PUBG-M friend spent more than $35 to purchase a royal pass, and his RP reached 60 within no time. I consider it unfair system, so I don’t give it much importance, and it does not impact overall rankings as well.

Increasing the RP gets you custom rooms cards, dance moves, skins, silver, and gestures.

Higher RP = It does not make the player PRO or Semi-pro!

Higher Rank such as Diamond V = Good player.


No new player can comprehend the PUBG Mobile Ranking System because it consists of Ranks, Levels, Ratings, and algorithm. Let us know if we have missed anything in PUBG Mobile Ranking System in the comment section below.