​How to add webmail to Windows 10 Mail App

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Windows 10 Mail App is a blessing from Microsoft that gets frequent updates & latest feature to it. It enables the Windows users to communicate with your clients & customers in two clicks. It eliminates launching the browser, typing the URL, logging into your account, and wait for the email interface to load. By using Windows 10 Mail App, you can view unread messages in two clicks, and it is convenient.

​However, only a few people can add cPanel Webmail to Windows Mail App. Allow us to show you how you can add any webmail to mail app in a few clicks, and do not worry about the technicality.

How to add cPanel Webmail to Windows Mail App?

Do not panic if you are using Windows 10 machine for the first time because we are going to explain you step-by-step so that anyone can do it.

Step 0: Launch the main app by typing in the search bar “mail” and click to open it.

Step 1: The mail app loads up, and click on “add account” to add webmail.

cPanel mail to windows 10 mail app

Step 2: Scroll down until you find “advanced setup” because it has the manual options.

webmail to WIndows 10 m,ail app

Step 3: The current window disappears, and you have new options on the screen. You have to click on “internet email”, and that is where you can use any webmail.

wrebmail to Windows 10 mail app

Step 4: You have to add username & email address, and they both are the same. For example, hi@contentcreator.blog is the email I have added to my Windows 10 mail app. You have to add it on username & email address.

webmail in mail app Windows 10

Step 5: Add password of your webmail.

Step 6: You can add an account name of your choice, and add the name that you want to send the email using a name. For incoming server, you can add your domain URL, I have added my website URL “contentcreator.blog”, and that is it.

webmail in windows 10 mail app

Step 7: For account type, you have POP3 & IMAP4, and I have selected POP3. As for “Outgoing (SMTP) email server”, you can add the domain URL “contentcreator.blog.”

webmail in windows 10 mail app

Step 8: Make sure everything is selected, and click on sign in.

I am already using the cPanel webmail of this website on Windows 10 Mail App.

5 Things You Need To Know About cPanel Webmail

I do not want you to make mistakes while operating it, and scratch your head trying to figure out the mail app.

  • I have tested the mail app to understand its capabilities. I have sent an email from Google mail to Hi@contentcreator.blog (it's our primary customer care email address.) It took four minutes to reach the email to my Windows 10 Mail App account.
  • Every time you launch the mail app, make sure to click on the “refresh” button at the top menu to load unread emails. Yes, you have to refresh to load the unread messages, and you have to do it every time.
  • You can add multiple email accounts like Google mail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft mail, and more.
  • If you have created folders, then you can view them here.
  • We have connected our primary email customer care address hi@contentcreator.blog to our Windows 10 Mail App so that we can answer your queries faster.
  • Content is king, and you are one piece of content away from success.

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    Wrap up

    Microsoft does not force you to update the mail app, and you can update it from MS store anytime without signing into your Microsoft account. Let us know your thoughts on cPanel Webmail to Windows Mail App configuration in the comment section below.

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